About Me

My formal introduction to marriage and family therapy started in 2009 when I began my post-graduate work, yet it is evident that my expereince started at an even younger age.

To be exact, my education in family therapy started in 1985, when my autisitc sister was born. Our familes strongly shape who we are as people, and my sister’s birth has profoundly affected my life. Having developed a compassionate heart and a desire to help, those qualities have led me to help various families facing a wide variety of challenges. Throughout my college years I studied siblings who had a disabled family member and went on to earn my Masters of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy, graduating in 2010.

I have been working as a therapist for three years, starting in January 2010 at a mental health agency. Through my internship, agency work and volunteering I have come in contact with many children and parents who have been seeking help in changing how they face various challenges. I have worked extensively with trauma cases, children, anxiety, ADHD, depression and various other issues. It was also my great pleasure to work with a collaborative group called the Child’s Domestic Violence Response Team (CDVRT) which involved working with other agnecies to help survivors and their families heal from the effects of domestic violence. In my own life I have found that at times we must change the way in which we approach a problem to overcome it. I find it a great honor to walk alongside those who struggle, and am humbled by the resilience that others show me in the face of trials. I find comfort in knowing that the story is not finished and there are many chapters that lie ahead.

The heart of my practice is helping families. Sometimes that means I work with an entire family, other times I work with individuals. I have worked with many different problems but have extensive work with children, adolescents and families who experience trauma. Many of the families I have worked with in the past had children who struggeled in school or had behavior problems. Besides my own personal experience in a special needs family, I have worked with others who are facing that same challenge. I have also worked with survivors of domestic violence and their families.

Personally and professionally I love to explore many parts of the human experience. As an avid traveler, I have found that being curious can be one of our greatest assets. I seek to offer a place of acceptance, safety and comfort coupled with experience and knowledge to help others meet their goals.