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Comfort and Empower

We have a tough job as parents to both comfort and empower our children. Of course we want to help when they are upset, comfort them and help them understand that they are heard and loved. What hurts though, is also fulfilling the other portion of our job, which is preparation. They have got to […]

Three Keys To Successful Kids – Key 3: Curiosity

I’m sure you are all wondering how I’m going to wrap up my three-part series on key concepts to teach our children. Maybe you’ve thought about where I could go next after tackling delayed gratification and self-discipline. Possibly you’ve actually read the previous two entries and know what I’m going to write about. At the […]

Three Keys to Successful Kids – Key 2: Self-Discipline

Last month I started a three-part series titled Three Keys to Success: Delayed Gratification, Self-Discipline and Curiosity focusing on some pivotal concepts we can instill in our children. I thought a nice transition would be into self-discipline. Is self-discipline the exact same as delayed gratification? If you’re already working on teaching your kids delayed gratification, […]

Three Keys to Successful Kids – Key 1: Delayed Gratification

I’ve started a new three part series on some specific concepts that will make successful kids. Three Keys to Success: Delayed Gratification, Self-Discipline and Curiosity. This month I will focus on delayed gratification. What is delayed gratification, exactly? It sounds interesting enough, but the challenge is learning how to teach little people a concept that […]

Rules for Fighting Fair

Let’s face it – every relationship has conflict. Many people think that the fighting is the problem in the relationship and ask me “how do we stop fighting?” It is true that the amount of fighting going on in a relationship can have a negative effect on it, but it is unrealistic to assume that […]


Every year at this time, New Year’s Resolutions come to mind. It’s a topic frequently discussed and often if you don’t have some resolution then you’re forced to come up with a decent explanation as to why you don’t have one (or two, or eleven…). Whether you make resolutions or not, the New Year can […]

Loving Lampposts

I am always on the lookout for movies, documentaries, or other forms of media that deal with special needs families. I recently discovered the documentary Loving Lampposts [] by Todd Drezner on my Netflix account and thought about whether or not I should watch it. It is about the director’s own personal journey trying to understand his […]