Certifications and Trainings

Trained in Art With Heart’s Chill & Spill groups

Chill & Spill is a book specifically designed for tweens and teens learning how to deal with issues such as trauma, divorce, death, and other life changing events. The Chill & Spill journals were created to help kids find a place to put down their thoughts and feelings. By getting together in a group, kids learn to express themselves with their peers in creative art forms, while also learning to deal with life’s challenges.

Flexibly Sequential Play Therapy (FSPT)

Developed by Paris Goodyear-Brown LCSW RPT-S, this model of therapy is a play-based trauma treatment for children. Young children cannot complete typical trauma based work due to their age and the complexity of some of the concepts used. FSPT meets children at their cognitive level. Children experience the healing power of play as they complete each phase of their trauma work.