Choose Your Own Adventure (Part 1)

The age-old question “Why does my child seem to want to throw tantrums in public?!” which leads to “How do I get them to stop?!”

If you haven’t been there…well…you are either very lucky, or you don’t have kids.

Our thinking goes like this – kid is being a tyrant in Aisle 9 because you won’t buy them those cookies. We’ve all been there. Frozen and humiliated, understanding that we have just entered into a power struggle, in public none-the-less, and we’ve got about 6 second to make this kid be quiet until people start giving you dirty looks. Your mind briefly flits to crazy ideas that you have no intention of carrying out, but your anxiety sky-rockets. Some of you will just cave and buy those cookies, even opening them up in the aisle. Some of you will just stand there for a bit, until you decide to keep pushing that cart along and hoping that your kiddo will be quiet. That last bit will take the kid out of the cart, leave it in the aisle and promptly take said kid home with a lecture on ‘you are going straight to your room’.

Are any of these responses wrong? No (because in my opinion parenting isn’t a right/wrong kind of deal. And if it was, there would be a manual.)

All three of these responses (and probably a litany, combo of others) will bring different results. It is up to you which result you would like.