Life Isn’t Fair

“Life Isn’t Fair”

I used to say this a lot as a kid. Although my kids aren’t old enough yet to continue this trend, I am sure that the day will come when they do.

I’ve already got my response planned – “Yep, life is not fair. Get used to it.”

Understandably that sounds harsh, especially to a small child. But it’s the same response I got from my mom as a kid, and she never meant it in a mean way. She meant it in an honest way. She didn’t say it in a snarky voice, or use a condescending tone, just a mere matter-of-fact consolation.

My mom was always there to comfort me and support me, I knew that full well. She was also pragmatic, and wanted to prepare me for life. When I would complain or whine, she would remind me that there were going to be times in life when things aren’t fair. Or don’t feel great. Or are just plain wrong. As much as any other kid, I needed to know that there will be disappointments in life and I’d better have a plan on how I was going to face those.