Philosophy of Family Systems Therapy

I believe that our families form the most significant relationships of our lives, and it is within those bonds that we learn all of our basic skills for building meaningful relationships with others. Due to the unique nature of these connections, when one member is having difficulties, the other members are affected as well.

Many individuals and families that I have worked with in the past seek out therapy for a specific reason – they have a problem and would like a solution. They are in crisis or distress and often don’t know who to talk to. With compassion and sensitivity, it is my aim to help address those chief concerns. It is my hope that while in therapy, my clients can gain valuable skills in knowing how to find workable solutions for their current issues. I believe that if you can learn to effectively problem solve, you can begin to face each trial as they come.

I find that addressing problems from a perspective that takes in “the big picture” helps one find long-lasting solutions. Not only can I help someone move forward in their own life, they have the opportunity to strengthen their relationships with those around them.

Individuals can find fulfillment in a systemic viewpoint, as it is not always necessary to have the entire family in the same room to address issues through a larger point of view. I examine family trends, rules, and structure to help you gain a better idea of the origin of your problems.

Children are often too young to address their problems on their own, so it is imperative that parents join me in the treatment process. You will find greater success when you work with your child in therapy, which will lead to an increased sense of trust from your child. The time spent together can be very meaningful, and it is my hope that the skills you have gained will be of use to you in the future.

Children and families also function much better when the relationship between two partners is strong. By taking time to focus on your marriage or partnership, you give each member the gift of security. Your relationship is a model to your children, and therefore you have the power to display to them a respectful, loving partnership.

I work with each client to develop goals and then a therapy plan to help meet those goals. Although I am professionally trained in Marriage and Family Therapy, I utilize concepts and techniques from a wide variety of therapeutic views. I like to use what clients prefer – be it moving around in session, talking, or writing – each client will get a tailored plan to suit their style.

The most important piece to this puzzle is you. As you take this step forward to seeking out help you can be confident that I will be there to support you. We are a team.