Special Needs Families Therapy

Special needs children often require therapy, but what about their parents, brothers, and sisters? I can coach parents and siblings, offering unique strategies that make life with a disabled child more managable. Some of the topics I address are:

  • Strategies for parenting
  • Keeping the marriage strong
  • Sibling rivalry
  • Roles of each family member
  • Routines that work for the whole family
  • Building a strong support network

Special needs families can easily feel isolated. When one member requires different treatment, it has an impact on the other members in the system. At times needs of other members can go unnoticed. Siblings can feel despressed or jealous. Likewise, raising a special needs child can add stress and tension to the parents’ relationship. My job is to help keep your family intact and working together while giving each member a place to voice their needs in a constructive manner.