Therapy Needs To be Like A Mirror

I have mentioned before that significant relationships are like mirrors. Guess What? … therapy – ahem, let me amend that – good therapy is like that too (believe it or not). Good therapy will give you a ton of self-reflection. I know some of you are reading this saying, “Of course, Jen. Everybody knows that.” Well, not everybody knows that. Or at least they know that and don’t seem to show it (which is silly in my opinion. Why don’t your actions reflect your beliefs?!).

The point being, when you are in therapy, you need to focus on yourself. Really and truly. How many times are you using the pronoun “Me, I, Myself” and how often are you saying “They, them, her/him, YOU OVER THERE”.

You are paying someone to help you out – so talk about you! It’s the one time we therapists really do want you to be a little selfish!