Creating Healthy Families

Creating Healthy Families

The family unit is a basic building block of oursociety, but where do you turn when you feel your family is falling apart? Dealing with life transitions, divorce, communication barriers, or strained relationships can be difficult, but I am here to help your family find the skills necessary to bring each other closer.
Child Counseling

Producing Teachable Children that Thrive

Struggling to control your children? Feeling overwhelmed by school difficulties? Parenting is a tough job - and you can find yourself even more challenged when you have concerns about your child's behavior. Defiance, irritability, strong-willed, or low self esteem - each of these can cause you to feel anxious about your child. Finding the right help can make for happier kids (and parents!).
Teen Family Therapy

Building Maturity in Teens and Adolescents

Being a teen in today's world is not like it used to be. Parents may worry about the kind of person their teenager is becoming, and teens may be struggling to handle the demands of growing responsibility. I hope to help guide and support teenagers and their families to find the balance they need to branch out. By reaching out for help now, parents can still help their teens and adolescents become strong, mature adults in the future.
Marriage Counseling

Empowering Individuals

Do you feel that you are reaching your breaking point? The many demands in our lives often leave us feeling depressed, anxious, and alone. Working with a skilled, caring clinician can help you find the direction you need and access your inner strength.
Marriage Counseling

Reigniting Your Marriage

At the center of every family is a partnership and commitment in which each member gathers strength and security. Finances, raising children, and life changes challenge your partnership, and over time you may start to feel disconnected from the one you love the most. Whether you are looking to build a strong foundation, heal from a marital crisis, or return to your roots of the loving and respectful relationship you once had, we can work to move you toward the partnership you desire.
Father enjoying  beach with disabled son

Helping Special Needs Families Succeed

Having a disabled child or sibling impacts each family member in a different way. Families are often isolated and don't know where to turn. Parents feel the responsibility of trying to balance the needs of each member, whereas siblings may struggle to find their place. By discussing the unique challenges special needs families face, we can find ways to support one another. Let me help you turn one of your greatest challenges into one of your greatest strengths!
In Reflection

Breaking Free From Trauma

Experiencing a traumatic event radically shapes our lives, and long after the initial trauma has ended, the effects remain. Sleep disturbance, avoidance of unpleasant thoughts or reminders, racing thoughts, panic attacks, and anxiety can have a crippling effect on daily functioning. My background in working with individuals who have experienced a traumatic event can help you find skills to cope with your symptoms and move forward to find healing. All ages are welcome.


Chances are you have come to my site curious about family therapy, possibly because you think that counseling might be a solution to a problem you are currently facing. Maybe this is the first time you’ve looked into therapy, or perhaps you’ve thought about it for some time. Most certainly you come here for some answers.

Stressful life events and changes can be overwhelming. As we move through life building significant relationships there are times when we find ourselves feeling lost, alone and not sure where to go next. It may be hard to know who you can turn to to help guide you back to a place of confidence and security.

I have been trained in marriage and family therapy and bring my experience and skills to help identify ways to help you and your family function more smoothly. I have worked with individuals, couples, and families to find solutions that empower each member and allow parents and children learn to work as a team. From learning how to effectively parent strong-willed children, or facing depression, anxiety, or trauma, I know that I can help you clarify your path to success and help you stay on it. Working on improving your relationships, communication, or parenting skills can have many positive effects on your life, even in ways that you have not yet considered.

I specialize in working with special needs families bringing an awareness and understanding to the unique challenges they face. I have worked extensively with young children and adolescents, most often working alongside parents to help find answers. Couples seeking to improve their relationship can find ways to strengthen their bond through therapy.

I would love the opportunity to talk with you and discuss how I could help you with the challenges your are facing now. I hope that by making this first step you will find the confidence you need to continue to push forward to the results you desire.